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Full set files of Passenger Jet 67-30

Full set files of Passenger Jet 67-30

Please read the message before buy.

- This item is not solid product. Transaction completed can be download the files.

- The size of this plane is: 1566 mm of fuselage and 1312 mm of wingspan.

- Building size of your 3D printer is required: Width=400 mm X Deep=300 mm x high= 700 mm. However, you can split it by software to let it fit in with your printer.

-Even some parts is able printed by general size 3D printer. (i.e. 200 X 200 x 250 mm). However, such size printer is unable print (unless the STL file was split) the main wing; vertical stabilizer and 2-3 section of fuselage.

***- The design of nacelle is not like foamy plane, foamy plane most use left and right halve nacelle and foam is soft, so you can fit in with difference size of duct fan unit.
      For this plane, the design of nacelle is use one piece tube as nacelle, the default size is fit in with QX fan unit. The fan unit is insert into the nacelle (please see the first to third pictures).
      The diameter of QX fan is 73mm diameter x 55mm. If you not sure can your fan is able to fit in with it, please measure it carefully. If sure not fit, please contact us.
      Or You can go on shop with this product, once the nacelle was printed and found it is not fit with it, if fan is smaller then that, it is no problem as you can use paper or something like to let it fit.
      If a bit of bigger, also can grind the fan housing or inner of the nacelle. When it is no hope can be fit with the fan unit, please contact us, we would edit the size for you(tailor made), but we need the accurate dimension of you fan unit. Once edited, we would let you download the tailor made nacelle.

- This item is STL or G-Code. Please select what type of file you would download.

- G-Code was generated by PW-RC. Save it to computer or SD card can print directly. Printing result is base on PW-RC's setting. The G-code is unable use with some printers. Download STL is a best choice. G-code here is offering alternative for buyers.

- STL is for experienced 3D printer user. They can set the configuration of G-Code with their personal Preferences.

-STL is default choice in this product listing, if you not choice G-Code intentionally, STL is automatically choice.

-Files included every printable parts of this plane, but not included hardwares like push rod; carbon fiber tube; carbon fiber piece; screws; spring of nose sub-door, electronics and landing gear.

- 74 G-code files in 26 floders. Some parts are placed into same print while G-code was generated. (If you choice download G-Code)

- 122 individual STL files in 26 floder. (If you choice download STL)

-Parts included: 4 sections of fuselage with related parts; 2 Main wings with its related parts; 2 nacelles with mounting arm and inlet rings; 2 horizontal stabilizers and 1 vertical stabilizer.

- For real product photos, please refer the PNP version which can be found form category of 3D printed RC plane.

- Due to many parts, we are unable show all screen shoot of the files. The following pictures is some of files.

Building instruction will be available for free download

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