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XRP RC Aircraft and Helicopter LED Control System

XRP RC Aircraft and Helicopter LED Control System

XRP aviation lighting system.It is your best choice to replace the existing lighting system that it may not like real lighting signal of real aviation.

This lighting system was design by advise of real pilot of Airbus company.

It is most advance; realistic lighting R/C lighting system of aviation in the market. The artificial intelligence design of this system can automatically identify the quantity of LED.

User can add or remove LED at will (Maximum 9 watt on each module); automatically on off when connected to retract channel(nose gear light), The nose gear light will on or off after 3 seconds of gear retract or gear detract. Indi vial light can connect to Aux Chennai for landing light or logo light.

Because flashing light interval is difference for each plane, this system can adjusting the flashing time interval( flashing time 1 - 3 seconds).

Internal output voltage control, the LEDs is no need use resistor.

Input voltage is 4.8 - 6V, you can use power supply form ESC/ UBEC or use external independent battery.

Gas plane can use the 4.8V receiver battery directly.

Circuit board is protected by a plastic housing.

Length of LED wire 1000 mm

Weight of controller : 14g

Full set system : 96g

XRP aviation lighting system.
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