Conditions of Use

Purchasers and users of items sold by us are warned and bound by the terms of this disclaimer.

Items once purchased, purchasers should confirm that user has already had a thorough knowledge of the characteristics and functions of each individual item and has the understanding of the harm that they may cause and willing to undertake the corresponding responsibilities out of the operation of the items.

Users of purchased items must read the enclosed manual and follow the manufacturer instructions. Models should be operated under the local government permission and limitations. PW-RC.COM will not bear any indemnity of harm to the user or the third party due to the usage of the model or accessories, nor any corresponding responsibilities to any damage caused by malice and (or) crashing, bumping leading to component detachment and (or) lost of parts.

Users must always bear in mind that a remote-control model is NOT a toy and must be operate with extreme care under absolute controllable circumstances. Your pressing of the confirm button means that you have understood and accepted the above terms and are willing to undertake the corresponding responsibilities aforesaid.